Workers Comp Investigation

Workers compensation investigations can be simple or complex, and the length of time it requires to resolve each case usually depends on its complexity. Workers hurt on the job could be left dealing with the results of the injuries for the rest of their lives. To assist in the financial toll of a life-long impairment, workers’ insurance carriers pay advantages claims on the employee’s impairment rating or disability. These claims are in addition to these that help offset misplaced wages and healthcare bills.

Civil Investigations

Magnum Investigative Services has an extensive background experince working within Civil Matters from Marital/Domestic causes to Child Cutstody battles. We have solved numerous missing person cases along with Investigation into Civil Actions for either the Plaintiff or Defendant. Witness location statements are all a part of our field of expertise. Our research department can provide research from simple Criminal background searches to extensive asset identification and location. We do specialized research in numerous areas of banking, stocks, and hospitals.

Corporate Investigations

Personal Private Investigators along with the personal investigative industry historically happen to be shrouded in mystery. A lot of people are masters of presenting only the things they want you to find out. At Magnum Investigative Services, we realize that in spite of all very best attempts, folks might not generally be telling you all there is certainly to know. We know that no two cases are the same therefore your circumstances are unique. We offer a full range of private detective services including surveillance, background checks, cheating spouse and family law investigations, phone breaks, asset searches, and much more.