Criminal Investigations

Criminal Investigations

Magnum Investigative Services offer the best criminal investigations in South Florida. Our South Florida Private Investigator Services offer solutions that are custom tailored and made to cater to all our valued clients’. No matter what you need for your criminal case we are the investigative company to hire. Criminal cases are not easy. In most cases, collecting evidence can be one of the most intricate things to accomplish.  However, by hiring the services of a professional criminal investigation team you are assured of acquiring all the information you need in an expedient time frame. Professionally and safely accomplished by skilled Investigators.

You need Magnum’s private investigator service Criminal Investigations

When it comes to case building during a Criminal Indictment, proof and evidence will play an important role. Our qualified South Florida Private Investigator Professionals provide valuable services to plaintiffs and defendants. We have demonstrated success in helping clients on both sides of the law. By hiring Magnum Investigative Services Team, you are assured detailed reports in written, audio, and/or video media. This makes it easier to create a rock-solid case to prove fault or innocence.

Our  South Florida Private Investigator Service Professionals will help you collect valid and credible evidence in a number of criminal cases ranging from assault and battery, theft, robbery, and homicide. We also offer the best and most reliable thorough background check. As such, you are assured of viable and credible information when preparing as either the victim or alleged defendant.

Through our practice, and with over 30 years’ experience in the investigations industry, we have developed a rich database and extensive networks that enable us to build the most compelling cases for our clients. Our high success rate in South Florida case along with competitive rates have helped us win the trust of our clients over the years. For the chance to get the best and most reliable choose Magnum Investigative Services. Contact us today for more information.