Civil Investigation

Civil Investigation

When looking for reliable South Florida Investigative & Surveillance Services to collect and discover evidence for child custody or to settle other civil domestic disputes. Magnum Investigative Services is what you need. As an investigative company, Magnum Investigative Services strives to offer the best and most reliable services to the residents of South Florida. Be if you are situated in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or West Palm Beach, we have an investigative services unit near you; all you have to do is get in touch with us today.Civil Investigation

Magnum Investigative Services provide the best civil private investigative team within the South Florida region. What makes us the best? Our team consists of dedicated, skilled, experienced and well-schooled investigators making us top notched. With strong research skills and resources, our investigators will conduct ONLINE as well as traditional background checks—including banking and employment history. We collect reliable evidence and witness testimonies to help you build a strong case. This way, you can be assured that you are going to receive the kind of answers you have been looking for to handle your civil litigation.

Private Civil Investigation South Florida

When looking for reliable South Florida Investigative & Surveillance Services, Magnum’s Investigative services are tailor made to cater to all your civil case needs. Here is a partial list of civil investigation services that we offer:

• Asset & Background Searches
• Custody
• Contract
• Missing Person(s)
• Marital
• Internet Investigations

Magnum’s Investigative Services investigators have successfully handle missing person(s) cases and followed all leads for our clients. Our South Florida professional  investigators are aware of privacy laws and take all reasonable steps to avoid invasion of privacy on our targets and clients. As such, we assure our clients that any case handled by us is managed and followed up professionally, keeping everything within legal standards yet providing reliable litigation evidence and solutions. For the best Civil Private Investigators in South Florida, contact us at Magnum Investigative Services today.

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